InterCollegiate Athletic Consulting

Consultants for university and college athletics, club sports and recreation programs

Founded in 2001 InterCollegiate Athletic Consulting is a comprehensive, full service, sports consulting group that assists college and university leaders in finding solutions to questions concerning their athletic and recreation programs.

Our experience has shown that many institutions have not come to grips with the seemingly simple question:

“What is the role of athletics on our campus?”

The correct answer can only come from the various constituencies that comprise a campus community. ICAC can provide a process that will support an institution’s search for its specific athletic role. Once this role is clearly articulated definitions of what constitutes success for the entire athletic program and individual teams can be established. We will create a series of quantifiable benchmarks that will enable the institution to assess the progress of the athletic program in fulfilling this newly defined role.

ICAC’s main goal is to enhance the overall quality of college experience of the student-athlete and general student population. We accomplish this goal through improving athletic programs and creating achievable visions. A plan that cannot be implemented for whatever reasons is not an achievable vision, so we adapt our methodology to fit each institution’s culture and mission. Our method depends upon the financial and human resources available at the individual institution.

Our team members bring practical experiences as a college president, academic vice-president, administrative vice-president, general counsel, chief development officer, campus planner/architect, presidential chief of staff, athletic director and professional money manager.



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