Why Use Us?

“Do we need a consultant
can we do it ourselves?”

A review of these questions will provide an answer:

  • Has the Intercollegiate Athletic program been a source of dissatisfaction among students, faculty, staff, or alumni?

  • Has there been a recent change (or changes) in the Athletic Department
    or University administration?

  • Has the University’s mission evolved over time and the ICA program hasn’t kept up?
    Is an objective evaluation of the role of athletics on campus appropriate or necessary?

  • Would having an outsider prioritize the issues and outline hard decisions be helpful?
    Is an objective external view needed to give the project an internal impetus?

  • Is “turfdom” rampant, thereby negating the chances for success on an important initiative?

  • Is “the way we have always done it” getting in the way of getting it done?

  • Does the Intercollegiate Athletic Program lack a strategic plan or direction?

  • Is there an overall strategic plan, but the ensuing implementation plan has not been produced or financed?

  • Did the University’s strategic plan omit the Athletic program’s functions or facilities?
    Are the athletic/recreation facilities in need of renovation or redesign?

Once the realization that an objective opinion is needed to fulfill the purposes of your project, the next question is:

“What consulting firm should we engage?”

It must be noted that the consulting firm is important, but even more important are the actual consultants assigned to your project. You do not want to pay for the varsity team and get the B team. At ICAC our staff has personal experience as a College President, Dean of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, Dean of Administration, Campus Architect/Planner, Faculty member, Special Projects Coordinator for the Chancellor, Development Director, Major Gift Officer and Major League Baseball’s Chief Investigator.

ICAC’s four guiding principles, combined with our breadth of higher education expertise, permit us to communicate effectively with institutional leaders, athletic directors, budget officers, facility managers, fund raisers, faculty, coaches, student-athletes, students, and donors. They also allow ICAC to find solutions that satisfy and educate the institution, rather than one constituency.

  • Personal Service
    We serve only a limited number of clients for highly personalized counsel. Importantly, our experienced professionals with whom you make your agreement are the same individuals who will work on your project.

  • Partnership
    Outside experts cannot change an organization; only internal discussion and consensus building can lead to meaningful growth and change. We understand your concerns and develop strategies that ensure implementation resulting in real improvement.

  • Objectivity
    Our years of experience in all areas of higher education, all types of institutions, and different athletic memberships enable us to bring independent, respected, objective counsel and propose innovative solutions.

  • Sensitivity
    We are cognizant of the uniqueness of each of our client’s organizational culture and needs. This sensitivity allows us to tailor methods and solutions to match your needs, not some other client in the database.

ICAC can and will assist all its clients in achieving an athletic enterprise that reflects the best practices of the intercollegiate industry in the 21st century.





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