What services does ICAC provide?

ICAC recognizes that an intercollegiate athletic program is only one part of a college or university that has a finite amount of resources to support its academic goals and mission. On many campuses, competing perspectives exist on the role and function of athletics with regard to the institution’s mission. As a result of our staff’s personal experiences as administrators and faculty, ICAC understands how these seemingly divergent segments can and should interact. We address your athletic program concerns and have the credentials and expertise to interface with all other constituents — faculty, academic, financial, and facility administrators, alumni, donors and students — and develop strategies that answer questions, solve problems, and build support.

ICAC can assist you — whether you’re a President, Vice President, Athletic Director, or Institutional or Facility Planner — in planning more strategic and effective use of program, financial, human, and facilities resources. We:
  1. Complete objective, in-depth athletic program reviews
    ...Assessing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in program, financial, facility, and human resource areas, benchmarking of your athletic program with your peer and aspirant institutions, and supporting your self study process for institutional planning, NCAA Certification, Title IX, Title VII and management organization issues
  2. Generate stadium & arena security assessments, crowd control protocols
    ...Develop a custom emergency plan, sports event security, industry best practices
  3. Address maintenance of institutional control
    ...Through appropriate governance and organizational frameworks whether athletics is separately incorporated or a department
  4. Support membership decision-making
    ...Relative to athletic conference or NCAA division
  5. Assist in athletic leadership transition
    ...From complete executive search work to background verification to master plans
  6. Promote strategies for improving the quality of the student athlete experience
    ...From recruitment through academic support and alumni relations
  7. Create facility planning and programming visions
    ...For capital master planning, new construction, or renovation of existing facilities
  8. Develop and enhance fundraising platforms
    ...For capturing and enhancing donor support—whether for the general athletic program or team specific

 approach differs significantly from the typical consultancy. Our role is not simply to bring solutions to our clients. Rather, we work on ensuring that recommendations can be successfully implemented at your specific college or university by analyzing data, presenting information, providing tools, and facilitating processes that build consensus. These provide the platform that is necessary for an institution’s real commitment to change.

Importantly, ICAC serves a limited number of clients for whom we provide highly personalized service. Our policy is that no changes in consulting personnel will occur without first consulting with the institution as to the changes and their basis and gaining agreement that such a change would enhance, not diminish, the quality of work.

ICAC works as a partner with each client from the inception of an idea through implementation to ensure that strategic insights lead to real improvements. We understand that every institution, even units within an institution, has its own unique culture and available resources, and we tailor our methods to work within each culture and our solutions to capitalize on existing resources. We believe these differences in approach and the client relationships that result are critical to assisting institutions in the creation of positive and lasting change.





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